Oilskin Products

Tarp setup above my hammock in the Upper Peninsula

In February of 2014, we purchased our first bolt of oilcloth and a secondhand industrial sewing machine with the intention of making just a single tarp for personal use. Little did we know, this would be the beginning of a very fun season in our lives.

After pictures of our oilskin tarp started being circulated in the Facebook groups, we started receiving a lot of requests for tarps and haversacks made with our oilcloth. It didn't take long before we were able to leave our day jobs and focus on tarps full time.

Since March of 2014, we have manufactured, sold, and shipped hundreds of oilskin products. Our tarps and haversacks are in many different countries. Several are in the hands of famous athletes and high profile survivalist experts. In these short few years, our name has grown far beyond what we could ever have imagined.

Unfortunately, our current supply of oilskin material is extremely limited. Once the tarps listed on our website are sold, we will be discontinuing all of these products until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and your continued support as we pursue creating different, high quality products!

To place an order, please visit the shop portion of our website.

Oilskin Tarps

Our tarps are available in the following sizes:

To place an order, please visit the shop portion of our website.